Security Door Keypad and Windows in Montclair NJ Home

Security on Lower windows
A new homeowner in Montclair called wanting to put the finishing touches on security in their home.

Basement windows are a neglected security consideration in most homes. Flimsy, and barely locked, an easy intrusion point.

We installed a series of bars on the basement windows, that not only restrict access, but are a visual deterrent. Inexpensive yet very effective.

photob 032414The picture of the front door  shows the existing lower lock, plus the new keypad deadbolt we installed above. We must install three to four of these a week. People love the control of taking  codes in and out themselves, and not having to worry about keys for everyone.

These Schlage BE365 keypad deadbolts also come in a door knob version.



Electronic Keypad for Doors at Municipal Building

Electronic Keypad

We were called out to do a number of jobs for a local township. One job involved the communicating doors between their local library and the municipal building. The doors were controlled on both sides by electronic key switches working an electromagnetic lock. They did not work well and the keys were difficult. We suggested an upgrade to electronic keypads; in this case, an IEI 212i. The customer can change codes at their convenience. The remaking half of the opening is covered with a switch plate.