Secure Entry System for Day Care Center in Roseland

A large day care on Eagle Rock Avenue in Roseland NJ needed their entry system replaced. As you see from the picture, outside they have gone through equipment over the years. We integrated their existing system with an Linear/ IEI 212 keypad, the one pictured in the middle. The keypad was for staff and parents. We installed the Von Duprin power supply, for the electrified panic bar, and the keypad, inside. The release button, was positioned near their existing video intercom.

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Employee Entrance for Car Dealership

A car dealer in Essex County need their employee entrance lock replaced. We moved their existing latch guard, to correspond to the new lock. Then we installed a Alarm Lock PDL 3000. This lock was set up to let employees use proximity chips, to enter on a schedule. This eliminated the need for keys. 3

Entry System in Montclair Apartment Building

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Our customer called, their 20 year old telephone entry system had failed, in Montclair. We replaced it with a Door King 1800 series entry system. The visitor dials two digits that correspond to the tenant. The system dials the tenants phone number and the tenant answers. They can speak to each other through the system. If the tenant wants to, they can buzz in the visitor, through their own phone. These systems eliminate the need for intercoms in every apartment. Greatly reducing maintenance costs associated with maintaining intercom systems in commercial buildings.

Door Coordinator Installed at West Orange Temple

door lock

One of regular clients called, a Temple  in West Orange. They have a pair of main doors. The problem, is they needed  to close in order in  to lock properly.

The picture shows a brown bar on the underside of the top of the door jamb, with a silver point sticking out. On the door is a silver metal plate near the point.

This bar and point is referred to as a door coordinator. The bar goes almost the length of the two doors and has two points one in front of each door. The metal plate on the door prevents damage to the finish of the door in front of each point.

The idea is one door has to push down the one point then the other point will release. If they close in the wrong order, the one door stays partially open until the other door pushes down its point.

Security Door Keypad and Windows in Montclair NJ Home

Security on Lower windows
A new homeowner in Montclair called wanting to put the finishing touches on security in their home.

Basement windows are a neglected security consideration in most homes. Flimsy, and barely locked, an easy intrusion point.

We installed a series of bars on the basement windows, that not only restrict access, but are a visual deterrent. Inexpensive yet very effective.

photob 032414The picture of the front door  shows the existing lower lock, plus the new keypad deadbolt we installed above. We must install three to four of these a week. People love the control of taking  codes in and out themselves, and not having to worry about keys for everyone.

These Schlage BE365 keypad deadbolts also come in a door knob version.



“Jimmy Proof” Lock for Upper Montclair NJ Home

door lock Montclair NJA new homeowner called wanting an evaluation of their locks and doors in Upper Montclair.

The  lock pictured referred to as a jimmy proof is not one we use much anymore. But in this case the two doors to their enclosed porch were only 1 1/4″ thick. This was common in the past, but now falls below the 1 3/8″ required.

So these attractive effective locks did the trick!


Access Control System for Montclair Office

Aiphone GT modular system

Aiphone GT modular system

We sat down recently to speak to an existing client in Montclair, about their need for controlling access to their office.

An Aiphone GT modular system was suggested. This would allow someone at the door to reach more than one room inside by only pushing one button at the door. Then the client can be buzzed in.

The client agreed and we installed the system. In the door and frame we used Adams Rite, latch, latch paddle, and electric strike. Later video can be added to the system.