Nutone Intercom in Sparta Home

job photos (28 of 59)A customer called that had a whole house Nutone intercom, in Sparta, NJ.  The system had never worked properly. We verified the models of the existing system and the wiring in the walls. The customer also wanted to use their I pad for playing music on the system. We discussed the replacement and settled on the new Nutone whole house intercom replacement. We also custom installed a digital Teac I pod interface into the system. This consisted of nine inside stations, a master station, and a outside station with bell button.

Entry System in Montclair Apartment Building

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Our customer called, their 20 year old telephone entry system had failed, in Montclair. We replaced it with a Door King 1800 series entry system. The visitor dials two digits that correspond to the tenant. The system dials the tenants phone number and the tenant answers. They can speak to each other through the system. If the tenant wants to, they can buzz in the visitor, through their own phone. These systems eliminate the need for intercoms in every apartment. Greatly reducing maintenance costs associated with maintaining intercom systems in commercial buildings.

Video Intercom for Montclair NJ Home

With people being so busy, and many working at home, we want to be able to answer our door without getting up in the middle of a phone call. Or telling everyone it is time for dinner without trudging all over the house. One brand we use is Comelit. Very nice European styling, video intercom. This job was done at a home in the southern estate section of Montclair.
Four inside units on three floors, and two outside units.job photos (17 of 59) job photos (18 of 59) job photos (19 of 59)

Access Control System for Montclair Office

Aiphone GT modular system

Aiphone GT modular system

We sat down recently to speak to an existing client in Montclair, about their need for controlling access to their office.

An Aiphone GT modular system was suggested. This would allow someone at the door to reach more than one room inside by only pushing one button at the door. Then the client can be buzzed in.

The client agreed and we installed the system. In the door and frame we used Adams Rite, latch, latch paddle, and electric strike. Later video can be added to the system.