Buzzer Entry for Caldwell Hair Salon

A Caldwell salon owner wanted a buzzer system to screen people after hours. We had to change the door hardware, and install a Adams Rite electric strike. What is pictured is his work station. We ran molding for the wires,
to a box, and ran the wire for the release button through his storage cabinet, which you can see on the side.

Replaced Incorrectly Installed Electric Strike Door

What you see on the door frame is referred to as an electric strike. These are the items that allow someone inside to “buzz” someone in. As in this case in Montclair, on an attorney’s office, they are frequently put in incorrectly. They choose the wrong kind for the lock. They choose the wrong voltage, and so on. We replaced the existing strike
with a Rutherford controls 7114.

Rooftop Security Door

Stairwells that go to roofs on apartment buildings cannot be locked, but management does not want anyone on the roof.
This building in central Montclair had such a door. We installed a Detex ECL-230D, an emergency release deadbolt with alarm if opened without the authorized key. Satisfying safety and security.

Safe Opened in Commercial Laundry

2 2aA large commercial laundry called from Paterson, NJ. They had the combination but could not open their safe. This safe had numerous bolts for the door and we figured out,  one bolt had come apart and lodged into the frame not letting the door open.

We had to extract the bolt and open the door.