Replaced Incorrectly Installed Electric Strike Door

What you see on the door frame is referred to as an electric strike. These are the items that allow someone inside to “buzz” someone in. As in this case in Montclair, on an attorney’s office, they are frequently put in incorrectly. They choose the wrong kind for the lock. They choose the wrong voltage, and so on. We replaced the existing strike
with a Rutherford controls 7114.

Rooftop Security Door

Stairwells that go to roofs on apartment buildings cannot be locked, but management does not want anyone on the roof.
This building in central Montclair had such a door. We installed a Detex ECL-230D, an emergency release deadbolt with alarm if opened without the authorized key. Satisfying safety and security.

Safe Opened in Commercial Laundry

2 2aA large commercial laundry called from Paterson, NJ. They had the combination but could not open their safe. This safe had numerous bolts for the door and we figured out,  one bolt had come apart and lodged into the frame not letting the door open.

We had to extract the bolt and open the door.

Repaired Rooftop Doors in Montclair

3A board president in a downtown building, in Montclair, contacted us about broken doors that led to their roof top deck door.

The wind had broken the doors, and the bottom of the doors was buried in the flat roofing material and could not be disturbed.

We took the doors down and rehung them with Pemco continuous hinges, cut short so as to not disturb the roof. And then we repaired the Jackson door closers.

Secure Entry System for Day Care Center in Roseland

A large day care on Eagle Rock Avenue in Roseland NJ needed their entry system replaced. As you see from the picture, outside they have gone through equipment over the years. We integrated their existing system with an Linear/ IEI 212 keypad, the one pictured in the middle. The keypad was for staff and parents. We installed the Von Duprin power supply, for the electrified panic bar, and the keypad, inside. The release button, was positioned near their existing video intercom.

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Handicap Entrance Door

31FCEAE5-C00A-48AB-B029-2B7AD84DDE820374C46B-DE16-4341-8B02-5BEBB592A5543353D194-0819-44D9-BE52-F6FB9C574B0EWe have a customer in downtown Montclair who had a handicap entrance that did not work. We needed to use a new style of hardware that was more heavy duty.

We suggested Von Duprin 33 series heavy duty rim mounted panic bar, and pull trim. We also installed a HES heavy duty electric strike.

Employee Entrance for Car Dealership

A car dealer in Essex County need their employee entrance lock replaced. We moved their existing latch guard, to correspond to the new lock. Then we installed a Alarm Lock PDL 3000. This lock was set up to let employees use proximity chips, to enter on a schedule. This eliminated the need for keys. 3