Repair to Damaged Door

new handlesetrepaired doorA customer in Montclair had a badly broken door. The hardware was all broken, and worn out. We filled and sanded all unnecessary holes. Then we removed the old leaky weather stripping. We installed all Baldwin hardware in satin black.  Cody knob full handle set, 8321 traditional deadbolt, 0015 letterbox plate, and 0102 colonial knocker.
Then we install a colonial wood molding with Q-Lon weather strip.

New Lock on Glen Ridge Home

Our customer in Glen Ridge called with an old broken mortise lock.
We replaced it with a new Baldwin Boulder 3/4 escutcheon  mortise lock in Venetian bronze. We also installed an Yale touchscreen deadbolt for keyless access.
The installation was completed with a q-lon molding weather stripping system.

Replaced Incorrectly Installed Electric Strike Door

What you see on the door frame is referred to as an electric strike. These are the items that allow someone inside to “buzz” someone in. As in this case in Montclair, on an attorney’s office, they are frequently put in incorrectly. They choose the wrong kind for the lock. They choose the wrong voltage, and so on. We replaced the existing strike
with a Rutherford controls 7114.