Repair to Damaged Door

new handlesetrepaired doorA customer in Montclair had a badly broken door. The hardware was all broken, and worn out. We filled and sanded all unnecessary holes. Then we removed the old leaky weather stripping. We installed all Baldwin hardware in satin black.  Cody knob full handle set, 8321 traditional deadbolt, 0015 letterbox plate, and 0102 colonial knocker.
Then we install a colonial wood molding with Q-Lon weather strip.

Repair to Malfunctioning door Lock in Caldwell








A long time customer in Caldwell called.Her lock was malfunctioning. Although what is lying on the ground is not familiar to most “multi point locks” are much more common
on residential doors. We service Andersen, Marvin, and Pella. As well as european brands. These locks run the full height of the door, top to bottom.

Safely Lock Up Valuables When Traveling

A couple in Montclair that traveled frequently were tired of worrying about their
valuables. They wanted a safe. We installed a Gardall B Rated money chest 2018.
These days it is not just your jewelry, your personal information, such as credit cards,
check books, bank statements…. need to be
locked up.

Smart Locks








A Montclair customer had us install two smart locks. The one pictured was a Schlage Connect, BE 468 Z Wave smart lock in polished brass.

Repair to Failing Multi Point Lock on Pella Door

Our customer in Upper Montclair called with a failing multi point lock on a Pella door.
You can see the old and new one on the ground. We went over and looked at it, she was going to think about it.
A couple of days later the lock broke in the locked position. We ordered the lock, got the door open and installed the new one.